Photo of Sarimah Ibrahim, internationally renowned actress
Photo of Sarimah Ibrahim, international actress


Sarimah Ibrahim is of Irish Malay heritage, a native bilingual English- and Malay-speaking international screen actress, television host and recording artist.

She is known for winning the Malaysian Emmy equivalent as โ€œBest Breakthrough Artist of the Yearโ€ and the 1st female Disney Channel Asia host.

Her value as an actress lies in using storytelling to ignite the flame of humanity within people’s hearts. She seeks roles that portray proud survivors, emotionally complex, unapologetically strong who will explore uncharted emotional territories onscreen igniting emotions of sadness, heartbreak & resilience.

Image shows three headshots of Sarimah Ibrahim, award-winning Irish Malaysian actress
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Image of actress Sarimah Ibrahim striking a confident pose
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Actress Sarimah Ibrahim, a fashion muse to Rizman Ruzaini Couture.

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