Published: July 15, 2015 at 8:00 PM


Here at TTON, we have an (almost) endless list of actors, emcees and people of endearing talent. Tonight, another entry for the list is the widely known and beloved actress and television host, Sarimah Ibrahim!

Born to a family where Malay, Chinese, Irish, Italian and Indonesian blood are mixed, Sarimah’s background is a diverse one as much as the shows she’s been on and hosted. It all started in 1996, an 18 year old Sarimah come back from four years of international school at Dubai.

She was working at TGIF while studying at INTI when an audition for Sprite and Cairol commercials came out. Being Sarimah, she scored both roles! One thing turned to another and boom, almost two decades worth of experience in the entertainment scene.

From TV2, Disney, Akademi Fantasia, CNN, Astro Sports and now one of the hosts for NTV7’s popular women’s lifestyle magazine show, Bella. Coupled with her seemingly never ending list of big emcee shows she’d had done, there is no stopping Sarimah on her entertainment romp anytime soon.

For the record, Sarimah scored 13!

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